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ladakh international centre

ladakh international centre









We support and encourage multidisciplinary research connecting local and global knowledge on issue of shared concern across High Asia.
Food Security: farming at high altitude, sustaining livelihoods and environment.
Energy, Water and Ecosystem Security: energy geopolitics, rural energy economy, energy and water security.
Environmental Monitoring: investigating the response of ecosystems and economy to changing environment and climate.
Earth System Science: geophysics, geology, meteorology and remote sensing for nature hazard mitigation.
Technology and Infrastructure: innovation opportunities, telecommunications and infrastructure challenges across High Asia.
Collaborative High Asia: prospects for future geopolitical trade transport connectivity and economic relation.
Regional security: shared security concern in South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, and High Asia.
Science in Society: knowledge economy, social-economic development and the role for science in diplomacy.
Cultural heritage: celebrating local languages and shared cultural tradition across High Asia, rediscovering connections across Silk Route.




ladakh international centre

Ladakh International Centre - Leh, ladakh

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